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Safety Consulting & Site Safety Inspections


Safety Consulting & Site Safety Inspection

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Retaining a health & safety consultant can be an important part of a company’s EHS regulatory compliance program. Relying on an H&S compliance specialist will allow your company to focus attention on core business activities and target key areas for improvement, while striving for zero incidents.

Health and Safety auditing is the process of reviewing a facility’s compliance with its health and safety requirements. Health and Safety requirements can include both regulations and internal corporate standards.

Health and Safety audits are used to evaluate compliance, and often required to maintain health and safety certifications. By proactively auditing your facilities, you can minimize health and safety risks, which can reduce workers’ compensation costs, increase productivity, and avoid OSHA citations and penalties.

Health and safety audits help ensure that your facility complies with its OSHA regulations and minimizes the health and safety risks associated with your activities. Audits not only show where performance can be improved, but also highlight where your health and safety performance excels.

Regular audits ensure that any workplace hazards are discovered and corrected as soon as possible. Continually monitoring and correcting any unsafe hazards in your facility mitigates the potential for a workplace injury or illness and for regulators to penalize your facilities and damage your corporate image.