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24 Hour Competent Person EM385 Fall Protection

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EM385 Course Description

The Competent Person training enables the attendee to be responsible for the immediate supervision, implementation, and monitoring of a fall protection program.

This course includes in-class lectures and hands-on scenarios applying theory discussed to practical workplace situations. This Competent Person training is a pass/fail program incorporating written and practical examinations and is based on the requirements of the OSHA regulations, ANSI Z359.2 standard as well as local requirements that will be discussed and reinforced. Attendees will learn practical solutions to difficult fall protection challenges using appropriate tools and equipment. Upon completion of this course attendees will receive a certificate recognizing they have completed this course and all associated exercises and examinations.

OSHA Training Services

The EM 385 24-hour fall protection standard

Those who complete EM 385-1-1 Fall Protection training have the knowledge and skills to assess worksites, develop safe work plans and identify and correct any problems on-site. The training includes building a Fall Protection and Prevention Plan, which is a high-level plan put in place before projects begin, and acts as a roadmap for workers to follow.  You will learn how to develop an  Activity Hazard Analysis, which is a site-specific safety analysis designed to identify the job steps being performed within the activity or task, identify the work sequences, specific anticipated hazards, site conditions, equipment, materials, personnel and the control measures to be implemented.

Topics Discussed:

  • Fall hazard surveys and fall protection procedures
  • Responsibilities of Competent Persons
  • Detailed inspection of equipment components and systems
  • Fall protection system assessments and determining when a system is unsafe
  • Fall protection rescue procedures
  • Fall protection system assessments and determining when a system is unsafe
  • Fall protection rescue procedures
  • Selection and use of non-certified anchorages
  • EM385 Module for standard specific review and practical hands-on​​​​​

EM385 Fall Protection Training Safety Training

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