OSHA 10 Hour General Industry Training

OSHA 10 Hour General Industry Course

Professional Training With Class Certificate

OSHA 10 Hour Course Description

OSHA recommends the participation of workers from various industries in safety training programs to ensure a better and safer work environment for everyone. At Think safely, we offer the most detailed OSHA 10-Hour General Industry course with a 10-hour card and class certificate on successful completion.

General Industry Training Program

OSHA has authorized the 10-Hour General Industry course that familiarizes workers with the safety standards to be followed on a job. From chemical and hazardous material handling to operating heavy machinery and equipment, everything is introduced in this training.

The OSHA 10-Hour General Industry training is perfect for workers in healthcare, warehousing, factory operations, storage, manufacturing, and many other industries. Its main goal is to help them predict, identify, prevent and overcome regular workplace hazards.

Osha 10 Hour General Industry
Osha 10 Construction Industry Training

Why is OSHA 10 Hour General Industry Important?

In every industry, the on-ground workers are the most exposed to safety hazards and that’s the reason they need to be very careful to avoid any mishaps.

The OSHA 10-Hour General Industry training program helps workers learn how to be safe when on the job and ensure the safety of people around them as well.

Once the course is completed, a 10-hour OSHA card is provided to the participants along with the certificate of completion, making them more credible and employable.

Learn from an OSHA-Authorized Trainer

Our OSHA 10-Hour General Industry course includes all the updated safety standards set by OSHA for general workplace safety. The 10 hours of training material will help participants be more aware of the precautions and safety measures to take to avoid hazards. Some contents of the course include:

  • Employer responsibilities and worker rights set by OSHA
  • Personal protective equipment selection and wearing requirements
  • Avoiding fall, trip, and slip hazards
  • Most common material handling guidelines
  • Portable and fixed ladders
  • Guarded and unguarded machine handling
  • Dealing with combustion and flammable liquids
  • Performing dipping and coating and spray finishing procedures with safety
  • Workplace hazards’ effects on the human body
  • Role of workers and management in enhancing organization’s safety culture
  • Activities leading to RMD and MSD illnesses and injuries and the difference between chronic and acute health conditions
  • And so on…

The OSHA 10-Hour General Industry training program is an absolute must for every new and old worker to stay safe on the job until they retire. So Give us a call and schedule your appointment with the team at Think Safely today.

Osha 10 Hour General Industry

OSHA 10 Hour General Industry Course

Think Safety Always is dedicated to helping clients achieve a safe workplace. In order to accomplish this goal, a world class occupational safety and health program with onsite training must have total management, leadership, and employee involvement. Safety must be management’s highest priority. Production should never be so urgent that a company cannot take time to perform work safely. No matter where you are located, we bring our training to you, nationwide! We offer both English and Spanish classes.

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