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Is your organization leveraging the spider or mini crawler crane to get the job done, especially in confined spaces where regular cranes can’t go? Well then to ensure your operator, the worksite, people around and the crane itself stay safe when lifting loads, a training program is an absolute necessity.

We at Think Safely offer the most detailed Spider Mini Crawler Crane Operation Training program, well-suited for operators of every level.

Why Spider Mini Crawler Crane Operation Training?

Spider or Mini Crawler Cranes are unique lifting machines but because of their structure and working abilities, they’re classified as cranes.

Although these cranes appear very simple in structure with a telescopic boom section, operating area, and a few legs, operating them while ensuring the safety of oneself and everyone around is challenging.

Therefore, Spider Mini Crawler Crane Operation Training is provided to everyone who needs it whether they are a beginner or seasoned operator.

Spider Mini Crawler Crane Operation Training
Spider Mini Crawler Crane Operation Training

Benefits of Spider Mini Crawler Crane Training

As per the CFR 1926.1427 (a), the employer needs to ensure that each of their operators is trained, certified/licensed, and evaluated in compliance with this section before they operate any equipment listed in the CC subpart.

Legal obligation alone is the reason enough for operators to take the Spider Mini Crawler Crane Operation Training program; it’ll increase their employability as well.

Furthermore, to ensure the crane, the load it carries or people around stay safe during operations, the operator needs to go through this training; it’ll save both lives and money.

Think Safely Offers World-Class Mini Crane Operator Training:

At Think Safely, we take the hands-on approach to teaching everything involving the operation procedures and safety measures when working on a spider crane. Our course includes the following cohorts:

• Familiarization with operator’s manual
• Inspection before crane assembly
• Inspection after crane assembly
• Use of operator aids and safety devices
• Load charts study
• Setting up the crane for operation, moving it, shutting down, and disassembling for transportation
• Assessment and verification of ground conditions
• Working around utilities, power lines, and other possible hazards on site
• Inspection after operation
• And more…

Our Spider Mini Crawler Crane Operation Training program goes in-depth to teach everything mentioned above and a lot more.

Whether you’ve just started working on spider cranes or are a seasoned operator looking to increase your knowledge, this course is the best investment you can make. So give us a call today to set up a consultation.

To enroll in the training program and increase your workplace safety measures and performance, call us today and schedule a consultation. Joining this program is the investment of a lifetime…

Spider Mini Crawler Crane Operation Training

OSHA Mini Crawler Safety Training Course

Think Safety Always is dedicated to helping clients achieve a safe workplace. In order to accomplish this goal, a world class occupational safety and health program with onsite training must have total management, leadership, and employee involvement. Safety must be management’s highest priority. Production should never be so urgent that a company cannot take time to perform work safely. No matter where you are located, we bring our training to you, nationwide! We offer both English and Spanish classes.

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