OSHA 10 Hour Construction Industry Training

OSHA 10 Construction Industry Course

Professional Training Course for Construction

OSHA 10 Hour Course Description

Workplace safety training is an undeniable part of a healthier work environment. We at Think Safely are committed to helping employers and workers make their lives and jobs easier and safer than ever with our detailed training programs including the OSHA 10-Hour Construction course.

Whether you’ve been working in the construction industry for years or just starting, the training has something for everyone who gives priority to being safe and keeping others safe on-site.

Expert OSHA Safety Training

The OSHA 10-Hour construction training is designed to help beginner workers learn safety practices in building development, construction, demolition, and other areas of the construction industry.

This course will give you a great foundation in construction safety and helpful information in keeping yourself and others safe when you are on-site.

Osha 10 Construction Industry Training
Osha 10 Construction Industry Training

Why Go Through OSHA 10-Hour Construction Training?

Working with construction and demolition equipment can cause grave safety dangers if the worker is not properly trained. And if a mishap or accident happens during the job, not having OSHA 10-Hour construction certification would only add to the liabilities of the worker/employer.

With this comprehensive training course, participants will be taught various practices for maintaining safety at construction sites and safely operating manual and power tools. Once the course is completed, the trainee will get an official OSHA 10-hour card and certificate of completion, making them more credible and employable.

Some states now even require the worker to have OSHA 10-Hour certification for specific construction jobs including Missouri, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New York, and Nevada.

Think Safely Can Help You Be a Better Construction Professional:

We have the most comprehensive OSHA 10-hour training program that covers everything workers need to be better and safer when working at construction sites. Some of the contents are:

  • OSHA introductory class
  • Electrocution safety
  • Caught-in or Struck-by risks
  • Health hazards
  • Handling construction material
  • Operating manual and power tools
  • Fall protection
  • PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)
  • And so on…

By the end of the OSHA 10-Hour construction training, participants will be rewarded with OSHA 10 cards and completion certifications. Furthermore, anyone around the U.S can join our training program and learn in one of two languages; English and Spanish.

If you’ve read it till now then you already know what you need to do, so pick up your phone, dial our number and schedule a consultation right now.

Osha 10 Construction Industry Training

OSHA 10 Hour Safety Training Course

Think Safety Always is dedicated to helping clients achieve a safe workplace. In order to accomplish this goal, a world class occupational safety and health program with onsite training must have total management, leadership, and employee involvement. Safety must be management’s highest priority. Production should never be so urgent that a company cannot take time to perform work safely. No matter where you are located, we bring our training to you, nationwide! We offer both English and Spanish classes.

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