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Prevent Fall Accidents With Aerial Scissor Lift Training

Fall accidents are one of the principal causes of workplace injuries. Unexpected accidents cost a lot of money for the employers and distress to the employees and their families. Unfortunately, not all worksites are equipped to handle fall accidents, nor do the employees have the necessary aerial scissor lift training to reduce such disasters.
The employees must have adequate training to work with heavy machinery, and OSHA safety rules are very useful in this regard. That is why third-party safety trainers like Think Safety Always can help understand ways of making a job site safer.

Conducting Pre-Work Assessments

By conducting pre-work assessments, you will be taking the first step in making your job site secure from boom lift and aerial scissor lift hazards. Expert trainers will point out the limitations of your current equipment, suggest a maintenance plan to avoid future issues, and fill you in about handling rough weather conditions and weight capacities. Pre-assessments can help you avoid several potential hazards in the long run.

OSHA Certification

One of the best ways to ensure that your workplace is safe against aerial scissor lift accidents is to opt for OSHA training and certification. At Think Safety Always, we can help you understand what OSHA is all about and how a certificate can secure your workplace. The employees will feel safer working for you, and it will exponentially increase their productivity.

Our trainers will guide the employees about working with boom lifts, aerial scissor lifts, and other heavy equipment. Workplace accidents in the US have gone down by 67% ever since OSHA started creating awareness about heavy equipment safety.

Securing Lift Area

Aerial lift work starts at the ground level, but things start getting riskier with elevation. Fall accidents can happen if an employee loses balance or if any tool or equipment falls from a height on someone standing below the elevation. The tool’s momentum is enough to cause serious injuries, depending on the height from which it fell. With aerial scissor lift training, the employees are taught how to secure the lift area to prevent such accidents.

Electrical Safety

Heavy machinery requires electricity in high voltage, and thus, electrocution accidents are also severe in case of a mishap. Aerial scissor lifts require high-voltage electricity, and with proper training, the employees will know how to avoid accidents due to faulty wiring and how to secure the power lines. They will be trained in the importance of wearing insulated PPE, including helmets, gloves, and voltage-protective boots so that the chances of electrocution are at a minimum.

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