Confined Space Competent Person Training

Confined Space Competent Person Training

Confined spaces don’t allow for much movement, and even one wrong move can be hazardous for all involved. Proper and safe training is required to ensure that no employee is harmed or causes harm to others in confined areas.

A wrong move could result in employees feeling suffocated or unable to exit from the confined safely. In these cases, Confined Space Competent Person Training is required. This training can help your employees be more aware and safer when it comes to limited space sites.

What Is It?

For a space to be defined as a confined space, it must have limited entry and exit areas, and the space must not be for continual human occupancy. However, the space is just large enough for a person to conduct construction or any other work. Working at confined sites requires special permits and professionals to work in them.

In Confined Space Competent Person Training, individuals will learn about the safety guidelines and assessment that is to be conducted for the sites. Upon completing the course and required examinations, they will become the designated ‘competent’ person. It will also inform them of the essential guidelines to consider while assessing the site.

The course is specifically designed for those individuals who will be the designated competent person at a worksite, usually an entry supervisor.

Why Is It So Important?

Confined spaces are incredibly hazardous. More than a thousand workers have died between 2011 to 2018 due to occupational injuries sustained within confined spaces. Accidents can be prevented when an entry supervisor knows what to assess and how to ensure all employees’ safety.

Construction sites are legally bound to have supervisors monitoring the safety and working conditions through OSHA 1910.146. This certification program meets all the requirements as stated in OSHA guidelines to ensure the optimal safety of your employees.

What Is Included In The Course?

When you are interested in enrolling your employee(s) in this course, you have to ensure that they are learning everything required. The course will provide constructive knowledge in the following areas:

  • Permit-required confined spaces and what they require
  • Non-permit required confined spaces
  • Different types of confined spaces
  • How to build a plan of safety and action for other employees to follow
  • Incidents and related statistics
  • Hazard recognition and classification
  • Emergency Response
  • Other than this, employees will also learn related aspects like how to assess each site thoroughly.

Reliable, Expert Training with Think Safety Always

Think Safety Always is here for you when you are looking for reliable instructors who will ensure complete safety for your employees in a confined space. Our thorough courses enable your employees to understand the value of safety and how they can apply it in confined spaces.

Think Safety Always expert instructors will ensure that your employees can work in confined spaces with complete safety. A plan of action will enable them to know what to do in emergencies. Call for more information and registration at 786-683-4141

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