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All You Need to Know About The Mot/flagger Course

Ensuring that all work at your construction site goes off without a hitch is the goal of any operator or manager. However, things can get complicated when your worksite is in the middle of a road or an area with a high footfall.

To ensure that everything goes smoothly and traffic is diverted or allowed to pass through in an organized manner, you have to assign a traffic flagger. However, it might be prudent to ensure they have the right training for the job first.

What is the Mot/flagger Training Course?

When there is constant traffic around your worksite, you want to ensure that it gets diverted or is allowed to pass. But this in itself can be a challenge, and you have to assign an individual capable of the job. Enrolling a designated person in the Mot/flagger Training Course will ensure that traffic is diverted efficiently.

These capable employees will not only be able to redirect traffic and pedestrians but get a handle on any potentially dangerous situations. The Office of Highway Safety and Federal Highway Administration and various State Transportation departments highly recommend that the relevant personnel take this training course.

Why Is It So Useful?

Your employees might not know all that goes behind controlling and directing traffic. It is not only a mentally draining task but requires physical effort for hours on end. If you want to ensure that they are prepared for the job, enrolling them in a course can be ideal.

In the course, they will learn various aspects like:

  • Flagging procedures, why they are important, and how to use the necessary tools
  • Hand-on training, classroom activities, and tests for flagging skills
    Better skill in coordinating and diverting traffic through the worksite
  • How to communicate with other flaggers on the worksite
    Identification of hazardous situations and how to avoid them
  • How to be vigilant constantly while diverting traffic
  • To ensure that no one is injured or a large accident occurs, you have to ensure that you’re enrolling your employees in a competent training program that covers the above aspects

How Can You Find The Ideal Course

When you are looking for the perfect Mot/flagger training course, you have to ensure that you’re looking at a reputed service. You can read reviews of training courses online and determine whether they are ideal for your requirements. You should be looking for a service that provides the best for your employees regarding safety and instruction.

It would be ideal to look for a course that provides in-person training to ensure that your employees can ask questions freely and be more interactive during the course.

Looking for Competent Mot/flagger Training Courses? Think Safety Always Can Help

Think Safety Always is here to help when looking for a comprehensive Mot/flagger training course for your employees. Our informative four-hour course ensures that your employees walk away with everything they need to know about traffic control. Our courses are available in English and Spanish, so your employees can find an option that suits them. Our certified instructors are always here to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us when you’re ready to get started. Call 786-683-4141

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