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MEWP Training Importance for Operating Aerial Work Platforms

Working on machines and platforms that involve reaching a height or lifting something heavy always carries safety risks for the operators and people around. The platforms are so limited in space that a wrong step can result in a fall leading to grave injuries.

Similarly, if the operator is not fully educated about operating aerial work platforms and elevating machines, the safety of people working around gets heavily compromised. Therefore, MWEP training is crucial to ensure the mobile elevated work platforms increase your operational efficiency and not liabilities.

What’s Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) Training?
OSHA/ANSI codes require aerial work or mobile work platform operators to have training for safe use under the ANSI Standards A92.22-20 and A92.24-20. This set of standards include safety training for self-propelled booms, manually-propelled elevated work platforms, and scissor lifts.

Every person engaged in the use, operation, and maintenance of the mobile elevating work platforms needs to go through this training and have certification to be authorized to use such equipment and machinery.

The Benefits of Getting MEWP Certification:
Safety: The primary benefit of getting MEWP training is the safety of the operator and people around. Knowing how to operate the equipment and machinery with proper positioning is key to avoiding any accidents and liabilities arising from them.

Job is Done Properly: The operators who go through MEWP training know how to operate different kinds of elevating work machines, resulting in the job done quickly and to a T.

Fix Problems Before Occurring: Participants get experience and knowledge, helping them recognize safety hazards and fix them proactively, avoiding disasters.

More Opportunities: Finally, workers with OSHA authorized certifications are more employable in the respective industries because the certificate acts as a credibility booster.

At Think Safety We Offer Industry-Accredited MEWP Training:
Being the leading safety training provider in the U.S, Think Safety Always pays great attention to how and what information is being transferred to the trainees. From aerial lifts to forklift operations, we help participants become experts at safely handing the elevation machines. Some of our training contents include:

  • Theoretical equipment familiarization
  • Practical, hands-on equipment and machine training
  • Inspection before operation
  • Tests for equipment and machine functionality
  • Assessment of work-site risks
  • Full operation training
  • Proper machine shutdown training
  • And so on…

Our training does not contain simple tool-box talks or basic equipment knowledge; we go in-depth and provide practical information for advanced applications. By the end of our MEWP course, the participant will be trained into a qualified person as required by ANSI/OSHA standards.

Think Safely Always – Your Fully Licensed & Qualified Safety Training Partner:
Being OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainer, Think Safety Always offers comprehensive courses ranging from construction and HAZWOPER to MEWP, Maritime, and more. All of our courses are available in both English and Spanish and can be accessed from any part of the U.S.

So if you want to ensure compliance with OSHA/ANSI codes and maintain the highest safety standards in your industry operations, schedule a call with us right now at 786-683-4141

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