The Competent Person Em385 Fall Protection Course

The Competent Person EM385 Fall Protection Course

Employees need to be protected from various hazards present in their workplaces. However, proper training is required for employees to know when to be careful and how to assess each environment properly.

The Competent Person EM385 Fall Protection Course enables individuals to be responsible for immediate supervision, implementation, and monitoring of any fall protection plan. It is ideal for those looking for a course that abides by OSHA guidelines and incorporates both theoretical and practical lessons for their employees.

The training will also include the foundation knowledge required to construct a Fall Protection and Prevention Plan, which can be the ideal roadmap that all workers at the site should follow to maintain safety. Here is what you should know about the course:

What Is It

Simply put, the EM385 Fall Protection Course enables your employee to learn about the various aspects required for Fall Protection and active supervision on any site. It can ensure that your site follows OSHA guidelines and all employees are performing their tasks safely.

The course is based on OSHA regulations and ANSI Z359.2 standards, along with other local guidelines that may be in place. After completing the course and passing all the required examinations, individuals will receive a certification proving that they can provide fall protection supervision.

Why It’s Crucial

54% of all work-related deaths in the US construction industry occur due to falls, specifically from high heights. When you want to ensure the protection and well-being of your employees at any site, choosing to provide them with this course training is ideal.

Students will learn not only theoretical knowledge but also have hands-on experience, which can enable them to react and learn faster. Practical knowledge of fall protection plans and what can be done is beneficial for everyone’s safety at the site later on.

What The Course Involves

When you are looking to understand how this course can benefit your employees and the expected results, you have to know what they will be learning. The course will include:

  • Fall hazard surveys and protection procedures
  • Responsibilities that the students must be aware of
  • Detailed inspection of all equipment and associated environment
  • Various protection assessments and how to determine whether a site is unsafe
  • Rescue procedures
  • Selection and use of non-certified anchors
  • Developing an Activity Hazard Analysis
  • Standard specific review and practical hands-on

Once the course is completed, your employee should have the knowledge required to assess any site and determine whether it has adequate fall protection. They will also be able to construct a protection plan that can act as a guide for all other employees to follow. Finding the ideal course for your employees can be challenging, but you don’t have to look very far when working with Think Safety Always.

Think Safety Always Helps You Remain Protected

Think Safety always fulfills your requirements by providing knowledge and expertise to provide a safe workplace. Our comprehensive courses are designed to thoroughly inform your employees about safety measures and how they can adopt them while working. Our EM385 Fall Protection course is ideal when you want to ensure better safety, especially from falls, at all your sites. Call for course information and registration at 786-683-4141

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