What Does Osha Safety Training For Aerial Scissor Lift Entail?

What Does OSHA Safety Training for Aerial Scissor Lift Entail?

Scissor lifts are used in many fields and can be found in different work environments. That is why Aerial Scissor Lift training is important, as it is one of the most common types of crane lift safety certifications. It covers OSHA regulations regarding safe procedures when using sit-down or stand-up scissor lifts in indoor or outdoor environments.

Why Do Organizations Need Aerial Scissor Lift Training for Employees?

Many organizations – particularly those with a mobile workforce – depend on scissor lifts to complete their job functions. Even if the employees have been trained previously, OSHA requires refresher training every year.
In addition to safety issues, some employers want to certify workers to use the same model of lift as part of an ongoing warranty agreement.

Which Industries Can Benefit from Scissor Lift Training?


Scissor lifts are frequently used to construct complex scaffolding systems and install roofing, windows, siding, and other finishes on high structures. They can also be used for painting and glazing applications.


Scissor lifts provide mechanics with access to difficult-to-reach components. They’re also used for assembly operations involving small, lightweight components that would be unstable on floor jacks.

Property management

Scissor lifts can be helpful when cleaning, maintaining, or replacing landscaping lights, inspecting areas of the property, and inspecting roofs, walls, and windows.


For airlines and bus companies, aerial scissor lifts offer the opportunity to inspect and maintain aircraft or vehicles. They can also be used to inspect baggage conveyors; loading, unload, transport cargo; and inspect fueling stations.

Luxury Services

Scissor lift platforms allow real estate agents to showcase properties that are difficult to access or are on steep inclines.

Executive Protection

Scissor lifts can help provide security teams with elevated views of the crowd and any potential dangers. They can also be used for viewing large outdoor sporting events.

What Should Employees Know About Aerial Scissor Lift Training?

Working with scissor lifts can be dangerous, which is why the operator needs to know how to use the lift safely. This means taking into account weight limits, ensuring lanyards are secure and not tangled, learning how to disengage the outriggers, and having a firm grip of handholds before beginning any operation.

Operators also need to be trained in what to do if you notice the outriggers aren’t fully extended or are sinking into soft ground, what to do if your lift is unstable, and how to avoid creating pinch points, including at the mast.

OSHA-approved scissor lift training can take anywhere from 1-5 hours, depending on your training provider’s preferences. The training typically involves classroom and onsite time, with the trainer observing your performance.

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