Rough Terrain Forklift Training

Necessity of Rough Terrain Forklift Training for Your Employees

You may have seen many of your employees’ making statements about being able to drive forklifts without giving it any thought. The reality, however, can be quite different, as all forklifts operate differently and require training to operate them.

Forklifts are placed into different classes depending on what their function is and where they can be operated. It is a federal law violation for any individual over 18 years to operate a forklift without the necessary training or certifications.

What is Rough Terrain Forklift Training?

Rough terrain lifts work in areas where there is a scarcity of solid surfaces like roads, pavements, or concrete. They are specialized, so they can do all the normal functions of a forklift even in unfavorable terrains.
Rough terrain lift trucks are Class 7 forklifts and require special operator training that isn’t covered under General Industry forklift training. If your operator hasn’t received specific training to operate a Rough Terrain Forklift, they must do so.

Even though rough terrain forklifts are made to work in rough terrains, they are still not ideal and safe to operate without certification. This is because forklifts can tip over if they are not balanced and cause a fatal accident.

Proper training enables operators to lift loads from vantage points where the forklift can remain stable. The operators need to know how to lift the load from stable terrain for safe operations.

Safety Regulations to Operate a Forklift for Rough Terrain

OSHA has come out with several guidelines when it comes to maintaining safety while operating rough terrain forklifts. The guidelines mandate that operators should maintain a safe speed while operating the machines.
Seatbelts must be secured before operators start operating the machinery as well. Even when maintaining a safe speed, operators can fall out of the forklift when driving through rough terrain with no warning beforehand.

In addition to these precautions, operators must always have all safety equipment, including hard hats, safety glasses, and other protection. Without keeping safety paramount, operators are likely to get severely injured if an accident occurs.

Provide Training for Your Employees with Think Safety Always

OSHA has mandated that all new forklift operators must be fully trained and certified no matter how much experience they have. To keep your employees prepared for rough terrain forklift operations, you need to provide your operators with a well-prepared and efficient training course.
The Think Safety Always Forklift Training Course provides foundational knowledge on how to operate heavy machinery like forklifts. The safety training course is 4 hours long, and your employees will receive a certificate once it’s completed.

All forklift operators also need to be evaluated and re-trained for competency every three years, which lessens their chances of getting injured and keeps them updated with new forklift machines. Keep your employees trained and competent in South Florida with Think Safety Always.

Make your workplace safer for your employees by providing the necessary training required for rough terrain conditions, especially when operating a forklift. Call 786-683-4141 for a free consultation in South Florida.

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