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Key Challenges of Fall Protection at a Construction Site

Construction sites are hazardous places to work in, but following safety protocols can reduce the risk of accidents by more than half. Per OSHA, falls have been the top reason for fatalities at construction sites over the last 20 years. Every employer should focus on creating a safe work environment for their employees and prevent incidents like falls. But, there are specific challenges to fall protection that you have to overcome. Here are some of them.

Acknowledging the Risk
The first challenge to fall protection is not acknowledging the risks associated with construction work. While basic safety measures are often in place, one has to go deeper to analyze every risk that could lead to an unprecedented scenario.

Over the years, workers also tend to become desensitized as they get used to working in high-risk environments. It is crucial to examine every safety feature in every new project, no matter how long one has been used to working on scaffolding or precarious edges.

Dynamic Landscape
Construction projects tend to go on in rough weather conditions and on various terrains, no matter what the environmental conditions are. The pressure to complete projects within deadlines can push workers to work in less than ideal conditions.

As a result, the workers do not have the time to acclimatize themselves to the shifting scenario, like making failsafe arrangements in the face of an oncoming thunderstorm. Knowing how to combat these sudden dynamic shifts in the workplace is crucial to avoid accidents related to environmental hazards.

Lack of Communication
While the construction industry mainly uses skilled laborers as much as possible, industrial training and safety training are not always the same. The safety rules and regulations related to fall protection have to be communicated to the employees. They have to understand the different terminologies and codes associated with workplace hazards so that they can respond immediately in the face of impending disaster.

Standardized training for all the employees and regular refresher courses to keep them updated about the safety upgrades should be an integral part of any construction company. Failure to communicate is a major hurdle that every employer should strive to eliminate.

Fall Protection and OSHA Training from Think Safety
The Occupational Safety and Hazard Act requires all employers to address critical construction site hazards that could lead to fatal injuries. Our fall protection training and OSHA safety training courses at Think Safety Always cover risks of falls and how to eliminate them, work safely on elevations, use PPE to combat environmental hazards, and handle heavy equipment, among others. The training includes fall protection standards covering wall openings, stairs and ladders, and operational lifts. Employees are also taught to construct safety tools like handrails and walking boards following OSHA procedures. Call Think Always Safety at 786-683-4141

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