Confined Space Competent Person Training

Why Confined Spaces Training Is Essential For Your Employees

Ensuring that your employees have adequate training is essential when you’re looking to ensure safety at all of your worksites. You not only have to follow OSHA guidelines when it comes to various construction safety regulations but make your employees feel safe too.

Confined spaces can be hazardous for a variety of reasons. Expert training is required when you want to ensure that your employees and everyone else working in a confined site are safe. Here is why Confined Spaces Training is crucial for your designated employee:

Dangers Posed to Your Employees

When working in confined spaces, employees are exposed to difficult working conditions, and any accident requires a prompt response to prevent it from becoming fatal. Dangers posed to your employees when they are working in confined spaces include:

  • Toxic atmosphere
  • Suffocation due to oxygen deficiency
  • Flammable items present in confined spaces
    Excessive heat
  • Inability to be rescued if space collapses

Apart from these, other dangers can arise depending on how many people are working within the confined space. Not only does a thorough safety assessment have to be done at the start, but a designated entry supervisor has to monitor the situation at all times.

How The Course Helps

If you want to ensure that your employees are safe and fatalities are minimized as much as possible, you have to find the right course. The Confined Spaces Competent Person Training Course will cover:

  • Differences between permit and non-permit required confined spaces
  • Various types of confined spaces
  • Hazard recognition includes hazardous atmospheres, oxygen-deficient environments, atmospheric testing, and more
    Hazard classification
  • Emergency response, including instruction on emergency equipment, rescue, and more
  • Thorough understanding of OSHA requirements
  • Through an interactive course, your employees or the designated entry supervisor will walk away with all the knowledge required when working in confined spaces.

What to Look Out For

When trying to find the perfect course for your employee(s), you have to ensure that you’re looking out for key indicators. Generally, you should try to look for a course that:

  • Provides in-person training for better interaction, problem-solving, and resolution
  • Doesn’t take more than two days (depending on the skill level of the employee, the course length can differ)
  • Have certified and qualified instructors teaching
    Provides lessons in various languages (like English and Spanish)

These are some aspects you should check when you’re looking for the perfect course. Ideally, you should also ensure that you are approaching a reputable service for your courses and that they generally have good reviews.

Looking for the Perfect Course for Your Employees? Think Safety Always Can Help

When looking for the perfect Confined Spaces, competent Person Training course for your requirements Think Safety Always can help. We have been working in the industry for years, and all our courses follow OSHA guidelines to ensure thorough safety. Our world-class programs will ensure that your employees are informed about any hazards and know how to solve any issues quickly.

Safety should be the highest priority no matter which worksite you are working on. When you want to ensure the best for your employees, trust Think Safety Always to provide what you’re looking for.

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